Saturday, April 30, 2016

#Micropoetry for Poetry Month

{Photo by Danny Hall}

For this year’s Poetry Month, I wrote and posted a micro poem every day on Twitter. It was a fun challenge to condense “the best words in the best order” into 140 characters or less. Less, really, since I tried to squeeze in the hastags #micropoetry and #PoetryMonth with each post, too!

Here are my five favorites. Enjoy....


Thick sleep, strong coffee—
the day’s armor donned,
I begin to write and find
there is no battle but a dance.


For wrists & knuckles, knees & hips, 
for all the parts that twist & bend
with & without me thinking—thank you.


Between finger & thumb,
between river & shore,
between yes & no,
every “if” awaits.


Yesterday, a Machado poem fell
from my pocket. To you who
finds it—let the bees spin honey
from every marvelous error.


I opened an old set of drawers in my mind,
dumping out lists & grudges & desires.
So little to keep, I tossed
the dresser, too.


CVTGYRL said...

Each one a gem. The Dresser...profound and powweful.

Linda Sattgast said...

I thoroughly enjoyed every poem and laughed out loud at the dresser.