Friday, September 23, 2016

Sky Song

This poem appeared as part of the Black Earth Institute's "30 Days Hath September" Project

Sky Song

Hear the sound of the age changing—
it is the refrain of yes
shaping new constellations
from the old stories
that scroll through our days.

Hear the galaxy hum of love—
the quantum is of the unseen
singing our names (when we
only know to say them) and scheming
sweet rhymes in the forth dimension.

Let’s get invisible.
Let’s kiss elisions.
Let’s get spirit naked
and play in the river of give
and good and mmmm.

Let’s dabble in destiny
and possibility
until we turn into songsters
who heal the holes
in skies and hearts.

Let’s hum in the night.
Let’s ring in the day.
Let’s write a new chorus
across the sky with contrails
of stubborn joy.

Let’s sing it even when it hurts—
even when the blood runs,
even when the fire burns,
even when.