Thursday, April 2, 2015

To Paint is to Love Again

I borrowed the title of my 20-year retrospective from a book of the same name by Henry Miller. In it, he wrote: “To paint is to love again, live again, see again.” Primarily a writer, Miller painted both to step away from his writing and to enrich it. Many artists and scientists have embraced a cross-disciplinary approach to the creative process. Einstein called it “combinatory play” and credited his time on the violin with many breakthroughs in physics.

As a poet and painter, I love words and images, and I often combine them; sometimes words form images, and sometimes images curl into words. And even if no words are visible in a painting, they are present as a title or as the story behind an image. This exhibit shares a few chapters from my life story.

Retrospective means to look back. As I looked back over the last two decades of art, I was reminded of the love and life that wove through every word and image. 

Join me for the art reception on April 11th at South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville, Oregon. Enjoy live music, award-winning wine, and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. 

And, as a bonus, my newest book, And: The Story of More,  is coming out just in time to add a book signing to the celebration...a perfect fit, since the illustrated parable is a blend of word and image. 

Here's to combinatory play!

{The art exhibit will run from April 3—May 7}