Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I’m a minimalist with maximalist tendencies. It’s a constant tension. This week, I went through my paperwork from, um forever. I cleaned and culled. After stacking the remaining papers in vintage suitcases with labels for the year spans, I found three strays.

The cross-section of years made me smile, so I gave them their own folder and labeled it: “Miscellaneous History.”

The contents:

1: A recipe book I’d “written” in Montana with my Grandmother Elkins in 1985 (first recipe: strawberry rhubarb pie. Still an all-time favorite.)

2: A playbill from the first musical I ever saw, Phantom of the Opera at the Ahmason Theater in LA, 1992.

3: A 2003 letter from the girls’ orphanage where I’d volunteered in India. The letter detailed the price for a second-story extension in rupees.

All of those relics came pre-social-media explosion. Had Facebook been around, I’d probably have detailed all of them. But the one I regret not getting out there was Number 3. I guess I can thank my minimal-maximal tendencies for rediscovering that letter, and the blogosphere for being able to share it.

If you’re looking to support an incredible orphanage that rescues, supports, and educates abandoned girls, this is the man to talk to:

Rev. Frank Godberg John
PO Box 15, Robertsonpet
Kolar Gold Fields 563122

They accept US checks. Frank is one of the most honorable people I know, and all money designated to the orphanage goes exactly there. Write me if you have any questions.

Holiday Blessings,