Monday, January 4, 2016

No Other

Happy to have my first essay up on Perceptive Travel: "Beyond the Fear of Other in China" (originally titled "No Other"). And happy to have this sketch of The Great Wall included!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New...Project!

I have always created with art + word + spirit….I just didn’t know that one day they would add up to prophetic art.

Prophetic art is about hearing God and creatively sharing His love for others. This can be through painting, writing, dance. It can be through words of encouragement jotted on restaurant napkins or drawings on window frost—anything that calls out the best in others. Anything that brings heaven to earth in a creative way.

I had already earned degrees in writing and art—and had taught both subjects—when I heard about prophetic art in my early 30s. I knew I had to discover more. So I left a teaching job on a tropical island and returned to the States to be a student again. As I studied, I started to dream about what it would look like for prophetic art to be part of that great exhortation: “on earth as it is in heaven.”

I spent several years practicing and teaching prophetic art. I eventually created my own prophetic art workshop (you can find that "Eyes of the Heart" workshop on my website But just recently, I realized there was something missing: a resource for people to learn about this kind of art. Each month, about 1,000 people search for prophetic art online via one search engine alone. But the search results yield mostly personal artists’ web pages and sub pages on sites of bigger organizations. No page devoted solely to sharing prophetic art resources existed. Until now. 

Someone once said that if you can accomplish your dreams on your own, you’re not dreaming big enough. Well, I am embarking on a big dream…or the first part of one! I have created a website called PropehticArt: Bringing Heaven to E(art)h. It’s a resource page for prophetic arts. My goal is to share what I’ve already discovered and to continually add new resources as I find them.

I began the website thinking it would be a nice little project I could do myself. Turns out, this dream is bigger than I thought. That’s where you come in; for the site to be truly helpful, it needs your help.

With more content, PropheticArt.Info can become more useful. When you visit the page, you’ll see that I still need to add plenty of resources in some of the menus. Gathering and researching that content takes time. For example: I only suggest books that I’ve read, and though I’ve read a lot, I have a lot more to read. Also, my creative strengths are in two-dimensional arts and writing, but I hope to add more resources for prophetic music and movement (dance)—among other things. I also want to connect in person with people and groups who are creating prophetic art: for this project to be a community builder. 

I chose the Patreon crowdfunding platform because it’s more like a tip jar. Instead of paying for a project at the end of a campaign, you essentially tip for work I’m already doing—and will continue to do.

I've seen the power of prophetic art in action around the world, and I believe this project will be of value to many.  

You can help prophetic art grow by becoming a patron for this project. Check out the campaign here:

Happy creativity to all! 

P.S. To learn a bit more about prophetic art, here's an article I wrote for CFN's The Voice.)