Saturday, August 23, 2008



"So what do you think about returning?" Friends ask.

I think about:

San Pedro and his chicken who stand watch in front of the tiny chapel next door to our apartment building.

The rotten melons possibly still rolling around a back refridgerator at one of the grocery stores.

The cotton candy sunsets.

The dogs that snarl when I walk down our hill.

Whether my suitcase will weigh too much with a few months' supply of chocolate in it.

How the beach sand is the perfect skin exfoliant.

The papaya at our usual fruit stand.

The new faces that will look up once the first bell of the new school year rings.

I say: "I'll miss it."

Maybe I mean here, home. Maybe, like I predicted when I arrived on Saipan last year, I miss it there, too. Like San Pedro (or the chicken?) I'm standing watch. I'll let you know what I see.
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